Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary bloc MP, Mohammad Raad, said on Monday that the Lebanese had finally beaten the enemy-fear stage "thanks to our steadfastness and victory over the fiercest enemy which is supported by the most hostile forces in the world."

Speaking at a commemoration ceremony in Adchit, the lawmaker explained that the Israeli enemy now calculated very well every move before thinking of waging war against Lebanon.

"The resistance has exposed their equation and can make it through their conspiracies," Raad affirmed.

He also pointed to the gigantic American conspiracy in the recent events in Iran.

"There had been direct intervention by US President Donald Trump in an attempt to inflame internal chaos in Iran, coupled with comprehensive media coverage," Raad said, ridiculing U.S. humanitarianism in line with Iran events whilst ignoring the ferocious massacres and attacks in Yemen where about one million Yemeni children are threatened with cholera.

Source: National News Agency

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