Rahi returns from Cairo

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi returned on Friday from Cairo, after his participation in Al-Azhar conference.

Upon his arrival in Beirut airport, the Patriarch told reporters that Lebanon's value lied within communication. "It is the country of relations and friendships."

"Lebanon is not a country of war," he underlined.

Rahi indicated that talks with the Egyptian President focused on "the need of Egypt's voice in order to restore unity in the Arab world," as well as to put terms in the war in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

Turning to Lebanon, the prelate considered that the election law and the voice of citizens must be esteemed.

"It is shameful that after 12 years, we still have no election law," he said.

Moreover, he underlined that a state with no budget means waste and theft of public funds.

"Lebanon is getting poorer, after it had for long been known as Switzerland of the East," he noted, calling for controlling public waste.

Source: National News Agency