Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi called on all State Governors "to put an end to wars and work on the return of refugees and displaced to their homelands."

"We urge countries' rulers in the Arab and international communities to stop wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine, and to find political solutions to conflicts on the basis of justice and equity, as well as consolidating a comprehensive and lasting peace," Cardinal Rahi said during Sunday's Mass service in Bkirki.

Rahi also urged the Arab and international communities "to ensure the return of all displaced persons, refugees and abductees to their countries, in order to preserve their cultures, civilizations and their rights as citizens."

Moreover, the Patriarch reminded politicians of their responsibilities towards the Lebanese citizens in guaranteeing justice, stability and peace in the country.

"Under this public responsibility, we ask officials to carry out their duty, which is growing and becoming more complicated by the aggravation of economic, daily living and social crises due to the presence of two million displaced persons and asylum seekers, in addition to the treasury deficit and the waste of public money through corruption and theft," Rahi concluded.

Source: National News Agency