Random Shelling Hits Local Farms In Yemen’s Hodeidah

ADEN, Random shelling, launched by fighters of the Houthi rebel group, targeted farms in Yemen's Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, on Saturday.

The rebels used various types of heavy weapons and shells, causing large damage to local farmers' properties in Tuhyata district of Hodeidah, local security source said.

The rebel-fired shells landed on the farms and destroyed a solar-powered water project, feeding a number of agricultural farms in the area.

Destroying the irrigation project that feeds our farms and homes badly affected our work here, said one of the farmers.

The solar energy water project, which cost us around 13 million Yemeni riyals is now destroyed and stopped working, causing a number of farms to dry out.

In Oct, the United Nations deployed cease-fire observers in Hodeidah, with five observation points near the military contact lines between the two parties.

The observation points are manned by liaison officers from both parties, in accordance with the cease-fire agreement.

However, sporadic exchange of gunfire and artillery shelling continued to rock the strategic port city, despite the presence of the cease-fire observers.

Source: NAM News Network