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The internationally-recognised Yemeni government today warned against the unilateral moves being made by the rebels, including their recent call to the House of Representatives to convene although its constitutional term has expired, a move the government described as a stark violation of legitimacy that jeopardises national unity and the peace and security of society.

In a statement read out by Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher in a press conference at the Yemeni Embassy, the government said, "The rebel militia's unilateral and unlawful move of announcing their so-called governing council is completely illegitimate and violates the text of the constitution of the Republic of Yemen."

The statement, carried by Yemen's official news agency, noted that convening the parliament in a situation like the current force majeure in Sana'a City, and without agreement on its function according to the Gulf Cooperation Council's initiative and its executive mechanisms, would tear the country apart and further fuel the war that the coup-perpetrators sparked.

The rebel's moves constitute a blatant challenge to the people of Yemen and the international community and serious and persistent efforts to reach peace.

The moves, the statement further noted, are in violation of the outcome of Yemen's National Dialogue Conference and the 2011 GCC initiative.


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