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SANAA, Red Sea Ports Corporation condemned the countries of aggression's continued preventing the entry of relief ships, oil derivatives and commercial ships to Hodeidah ports for more than two months, despite obtaining United Nations permits and completing all inspection procedures.

The Corporation affirmed in a statement that the continued detention of ships is totally incompatible with the Stockholm Agreement and the practical steps presented by the National side in the Redeployment Committee in the ports of Hodeidah, which came in consideration of the humanitarian situation, and a commitment to facilitate the movement of civilians and goods to the city of Hodeidah and its ports.

he forces of the USSaudi aggression also continue piracy in the seizure of oil derivatives ships, while the United Nations remains silent that threatening the lives of all Yemeni people.

The statement denounced the countries of aggression's actions of not granting departure permits for the Lucky Trader and Tranc Ocean ships from the port of Hodeidah, despite the unloading of their cargo.

The statement called on the United Nations and the international community to take a clear stance towards the coalition of aggression preventing ships loaded with food and relief materials from entering to the ports of Hodeidah and preventing their departure, warning of the increased risks of the unjustly detained ships and their negative repercussions on all aspects of life.

The statement reaffirmed the Corporation's position rejecting all practices and the unfair conditions imposed by the countries of aggression on ships and restrictions that violate all international regulations and laws, stressing the need to release detained ships urgently, unload their cargo in the ports of Hodeidah and neutralize the economy.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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