Report Highlights Transportation Sector’s Progresses Amid Challenges

The progress report on the Economic Modernization Vision highlighted significant milestones in logistics and transportation services, alongside challenges encountered in the first quarter of 2024. Published on the Prime Ministry's website, the report outlined a comprehensive study on implementing a toll road system, aiming for a shift to a payment-based model for road usage. Initial focus is on the Amman Development Road. Plans include constructing passenger and freight facilities in the new King Hussein Bridge area to enhance travel between Jordan and the West Bank, with infrastructure meeting international standards and being developed through public-private partnerships. Efforts are also underway to assess land freight costs compared to fuel expenses, with a focus on adapting to global oil price fluctuations. The Jordan Hijazi Railway Corporation is progressing with an economic feasibility study for line rehabilitation, and preparations for tender documents are ongoing. Draft revisions to implement th e International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships have been approved by the Jordan Maritime Authority. Efforts in rehabilitating the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority customs center have been completed, and post-clearance audit procedures have been initiated at the Jordan Customs to enhance operational efficiency. Further developments include streamlining customs procedures and enhancing the prior approvals and licenses platform to include additional services. An agreement has been signed to improve risk management tools, and efforts are underway to modernize customs operations at Queen Alia International Airport. Challenges remain in establishing a logistical center for grading vegetables and fruits, attributed to communication delays with the Jordanian Palestinian Agricultural Products Company. Source: Jordan News Agency