PROVINCES, The Yemeni drone air force, missile and artillery of the army and popular forces carries out offensives on Jizan and Abha airports, the mercenaries and invaders gatherings in number of homelands defense fronts, causing casualties in their ranks over the 24 last hours, a military official told Saba on Friday.

A joint offensive of the Yemeni drone air force and missile force targeted the Patriot System and Badr-1P missile, a large gathering of the invaders and mercenaries in Marib province, killing enemy leaders, dozens of casualties and removing the Patriot system from service, said the official.

The Yemeni drone carried out offensives by "Qasef-2K" on important military sites in Jizan Regional Airport and hit its targets accurately and led to the disruption in air navigation at the airport.

In Jizan, an offensive targeted the mercenaries' sites near Mashal Mountain and inflicted material and humanitarian losses, while a guided missile targeted a vehicle loaded with mercenaries in al-Madafen, killing and injuring its crew members.

In Asir, a joint operation of the Yemeni drone air force targeted sensitive military sites in Abha International Airport and hit its targets accurately and air navigation at the airport was disrupted.

In Najran, dozens of the Saudi army mercenaries were killed and injured in artillery shelling targeted their gatherings in al-Sawh, Muraba'a Shaja and off al-Sudais.

In Hajjah province, the army targeted with numbers of artillery shellings the mercenaries gatherings east al-Nar Mountain and in Hiran, killing and injuring dozens.

In north Medi desert, dozens of Sudanese mercenaries were killed and injured in an artillery shelling targeted their gatherings, confirming shot dead five of the mercenaries including one Sudan's in Hiran front.

In Jawf province, dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured in an ambush of the engineering unit in al-Saqiah front in al-Maton district, as well as killing and injuring dozens in an explosion targeted them during their infiltration in Ham front in al-Maton.

In Bayda province, three military vehicles were destroyed with artillery shelling, killing all its crew members in Qaniah front.

In Taiz province, dozens of the mercenaries were killed and injured in an tight ambush of the engineering unit in Hifan.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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