SANAA, The House of Representatives of Sunday continued to hold its sessions for the first period of the first half-year of the 14th annual session today under chairmanship of its speaker Yahya al-Ra'i.

In this session, the House's Representatives stood up a minute to read Surah Al-Fatiha on the spirit of the deceased member of the House of Representatives, Ali Abdul-Mu'ti al-Junaid from the Electoral District 33 in Taiz province.

The Chamber of Deputies listened to a question from the House of Representatives member Al-Khadran al-Azani to the Ministers of Local Administration, Public Works and Roads and the Chairman of the General Authority for Land, Survey and Urban Planning on the issuance of the new scheme of Bayda province by the authority, where the works of road, which the authority committed to complete, have not begun, and that aims to ensure the enactment of plans.

He also heard a part of the report of the Commission on Trade and Industry on consumer protection.

The report pointed out that consumers are living in difficult economic, health, education and service conditions in addition to their living conditions, which is worsening every day as well as the deterioration of the value of the riyal against the dollar and other currencies.

The reported added those conditions contributed to exacerbate their daily suffering and the majority are unable to provide the minimum requirements Necessary because of high prices.

In its report, the Committee also addressed the most important issues of concern to the consumer.

In this regard, the House of Representatives agreed that the Committee should meet with the Government side for further study and report on the results of what is reached to the House of Representatives at a future meeting.

The House of Representatives had started its session by reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting and approved it and will continue its work on Monday, God willing.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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