Resistance factions praise role of Yemeni tribes in support of Palestinian cause

SANAA, The Palestinian Resistance Factions have valued the positions of the Yemeni tribes in support of the Palestinian cause.

Representatives of Islamic Jihad Movement Ahmad Baraka, Palestinian Front Amer Ghanem, Hamas Movement Moath Aqeel and Democratic Front Khaled Khalif upon their meeting organized on Saturday by the Tribal Cohesion Council in Sanaa, they expressed appreciation for the authentic stances of the Yemeni people and their standing by the people of Palestine throughout history.

The meeting affirmed the adherence of the tribes of Yemen and their support to the Palestinian cause and their full solidarity with the Palestinian people with all available means, denouncing all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity.

Chairman of the Cohesion Council Sheikh Dhaifallah Rassam confirmed that cooperating with the Israeli enemy is a betrayal of all tribal and Islamic principles and national and Arab constants, calling on all Yemeni tribes to continue to mobilize and support the fronts with money and fighters to confront the aggression and siege

The meeting attended by a number of Shaihks and dignitaries of Yemen, members of the Supreme Cohesion Council and representatives and members of the House of Representatives and Shura Council, leaders and officials of Cohesion Council in the Capital Sanaa and provinces, representatives of the local authority and undersecretaries of provinces, and a number of members of the academic forum at the University of Sanaa.

Source: Yemen News Agency