Revolution leader calls for honorable participation to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the revolution

The revolution leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi has called on the masses of the Yemeni people to come out Tuesday to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the September 21st revolution.

The revolution leader stressed the continuation of the path of confronting the aggression in a revolutionary spirit until independence has been achieved and completed.

In his speech on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the September 21st revolution, al-Houthi said the September 21st revolution is continuing and it cannot return from the middle of the road and Yemen's freedom will not be neglected.

He added the revolution did not exclude any party and did not express a single faction as well but came for the benefit of all the Yemeni people, indicating that the September 21st revolution came from the reality of necessity and human and moral need.

He said, "The previous situation of our country makes us realize that the revolution is inevitable and a real interest for our dear people."

He made clear before the September 21st revolution is the stage of external tutelage, during which the political forces neglected the independence and freedom of our people.

Al-Houthi affirmed that the ruling forces in Yemen before the revolution colluded with the Security Council's decision to list Yemen under Chapter VII, indicating that the US ambassador was controlling the country's decision, and the Washington embassy had clearly become a substitute for the presidency.

He pointed out the political forces in Yemen were dealing with the US embassy in terms of handing it over to guardianship, and the situation before the revolution tended to collapse in all areas and the political crisis is getting more complicated.

He pointed out the collapse of the economic situation before the revolution was not due to a siege imposed on the country, but its natural resources were out of its control.

The Leader stated that the international community had declared its support for the former regime and provided it financial grants while Yemen was experiencing stifling economic crises.

Al-Houthi said the security situation before the revolution was experiencing a reality of collapse through bombings and assassinations, and the spread of takfiri elements, while the media and the cultural situation were heading to dismantle the social fabric and exacerbate crises.

He explained that the enemies of Yemen worked to dismantle the army, stressing that the bankruptcy of the political forces before the revolution encouraged the targeting of Yemen in all fields.

Al-Houthi said that if the economic, political and security situation before the revolution had continued as it was, Yemen would have been heading towards disintegration and complete collapse.

The leader pointed out the enemies worked to stir up sectarian and regional strife and political conflicts within the project to dismantle Yemen.

He stressed that Washington worked to confiscate the Yemeni decision through its ambassadors to achieve its illegal ambitions.

He made clear the United States targeted educational curricula and worked to provide alternatives that serve its project.

The Revolution Leader reiterated that targeting Yemen serves America, Israel, and Britain within a project of targeting the nation.

"Targeting the faith identity of our people, weakening it, and subjugating it to its enemies opened the way for normalization with Israel," said al-Houthi.

He added where America operates, it is calculating the Israel's interest, as it is the exclusive agent in the region, and Saudi Arabia and the UAE are just tools for the United States.

He stressed that America found the field was no longer open to doing what it wanted in Yemen after the victory of the revolution, noting that the Americans and their allies could not stand in a new situation under the roof of the freedom and independence of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out "Israel incited against our country before the aggression, and the incitement is accompanied by planning and conspiracy in coordination with America and Britain and their tools in the region."

He indicated the September 21st revolution did not represent a threat to Europe or others in the world, and Yemen's decisive position came against the Israeli enemy and American hegemony.

He said agents rushed to hand over the country's wealth to foreigners in exchange for their personal interests, adding " We have documents of officials involved in unfair deals against our country.''

He said: "The revolution has restored the dignity and freedom of our country, and our people are confronting the American and Israeli policies, and we are striving for the independence of each of our countries to build a state on solid and correct foundations."

The leader stated the honorable positions towards our country are limited by Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon and the free people of Syria, Iraq, and Bahrain."

Al-Houthi indicated that there are great efforts to purify and correct state institutions, but they are facing difficulties, including the conditions of aggression and siege.

Source: Yemen News Agency