SANAA, Iranian President Hassan Rohani described the Revolutionary Guards as the protector of the Islamic Republic, a day after the United States designated the Guards a foreign terrorist organization.

"The Guard sacrificed its life to protect our people and our Islamic revolution in 1979," Rohani said in a direct speech broadcast on Iranian television.

Today it is included by America, which bears a grudge against the guards on its black list (of terrorist groups).

Rohani stressed that the Revolutionary Guards always deal with terrorists in the Middle East from Iraq to Syria.

The president pointed out that his country would resist US pressure and that America made a mistake when it classified the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, adding that this would unite the Iranians.

Rohani said the US decision was pushing Tehran to produce advanced centrifuges (IR8).

The US State Department's counterterrorism coordinator, Nathan Sales, told a news conference that the inclusion of Iran's Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorist organizations does not mean a ban on channels of communication with them by US diplomats.

"These measures will not include our diplomacy (diplomatic relations with the Revolutionary Guard)," he said when he was asked about possible contacts with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in cases, for example, if US citizens were held hostage.

Spokesman of the Supreme national Security Council of Ira Keyvan Khosravi said that the US decision to include the Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorist organizations is a negative step by the world's biggest supporters of terrorism.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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