SANAA, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the terms of the agreement between Russia and Turkey on Idlib have not yet been fully implemented.

"We urge our Turkish partners to fulfill their obligations under the Memorandum of Stabilization in the Idlib Escalation Zone signed on September 17, 2018," Lavrov said in an interview broadcast on the website of Russia Today.

Stressing the "importance of preventing the strengthening of the terrorist presence under the guise of a cease-fire agreed with Turkey."

Lavrov added that "the terms of the agreement, which provides for the declaration of Idlib demilitarized zone, and the withdrawal of all radical elements and heavy weapons from them, have not been fully implemented so far."

Lavrov warned that despite the significant stability on the ground in Syria and the elimination of the organization, it is premature to talk about the final elimination of the threat of terrorism from Syria, pointing out that great efforts should be made to neutralize dormant cells belonging to radical organizations.

"As a result of the resolutions adopted by the international meetings on Syria in Astana, areas of escalation in the country have been announced, the level of violence has decreased significantly, and conditions have been created for the return of refugees and displaced persons," he said.

Russia continued to work actively with its Iranian and Turkish partners to implement the decisions of the Sochi Conference.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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