SANAA, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States has been unable to compete fairly in the economic field, pointing to the practice of sanctions against countries that do not orbit.

The Russian minister said during a meeting with students of the diplomatic academy in the Russian capital Moscow that "The United States is still a leading force, but its role is declining. There are economies like China, India, and other countries and regions that are booming, and the US economy, as we see over the past years, is no longer able to compete fairly."

He added that the United States positions undermine the principles of the World Trade Organization, and that Washington resorted to sanctions and trade wars as tools used against countries that pursue a policy independent of them, even if they are the closest allies.

The Russian foreign minister referred to US pressure on Turkey for buying the Russian S-400 missiles and its position on the Nord Stream 2 project to pump gas from Russia via the Baltic to Germany, which Washington is trying to block by various means.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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