Sabri praises role of Palestinian forces

Yemeni Ambassador to Syria Abdullah Sabri praised the role of The Palestinian forces and their support for Yemen in the face of U.S.-Saudi-UAE aggression.

During his participation in the ceremony honoring Palestinian leader Yasser Al-Masri, Ambassador Sabri praised the interaction of Palestinian faction leaders with the activities of the Yemeni Embassy in Syria.

He praised the efforts of al-Masri, who played an active role in mobilizing solidarity with the cause and the Yemeni people.

For his part, the Palestinian leader Al-Masri, praised the participation of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the ceremony honoring.

Yasser Al-Masri saluted the loyalty of the Yemeni people and the going out of millions of Yemenis in support of Palestine in various turns and events.

Source: Yemen News Agency