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SANA’A, Sana’a governor Abdul Baset al-Hadi on Tuesday stressed the importance of the role of the national media in exposing the crimes and plans of the aggression and its lies.

During his meeting with the director-general of Saba office in Sana’a, Jamil al-Qeshm, al-Hadi reviewed media-promoted rumors of the Saudi enemy and its mercenaries.

He noted what the aggression media machine did before six years ago with its false victories, which quickly fade away with facts on the ground in an attempt to create public opinion that supports it in its failed battle against the Yemeni people.

The enemy and its mercenaries have failed despite their money, their media empire, and their enormous military arsenal to achieve the goals of their illusions, he said.

Al-Hadi referred to the role of the national media and the press message aimed at clarifying the facts and denouncing the lies of the aggression forces in exchange for the victories of the heroes of the army and popular committees against the aggression.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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