September 25, 2021


Saudi Arabia has confirmed investigations into circumstances of the reported attack against the community hall of Al-Sala Al-Kubra in Sanaa, Yemen, and pledged to publicise results of the investigations.

In a statement issued Sunday evening, the Saudi Mission to the UN said, they have sent a letter to the UN Security Council, reiterating their full respect, commitment and compliance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Saudi Arabia reaffirmed in their letter that, they will continue to ensure that "all possible measures are taken, to protect all civilians and civilian objects in Yemen, as well as necessary corrective and appropriate measures to ensure accountability, including the release of the results of the ongoing investigations of this incident, in the near future."

The letter also informed the Council of the statement, issued earlier by the Coalition Forces, to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen which expressed its deepest sympathy and condolences to families of the victims and wounded in this tragic incident. The Coalition also reaffirmed that its forces follow strict and clear Rules of Engagement, which prohibits the targeting of any civilians and civilian objects and take all possible measures to prevent any danger to civilians.

It announced the start of an immediate investigation was promised full cooperation with the Investigation Team, including by providing all data and information related to military operations that were conducted during the day of the incident.

"The Coalition will sappy no effort to work diligently to reach a sustainable political solution to the conflict in Yemen," the Saudi letter promised the Council.

Earlier, the Undersecretary General for Humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, Stephen O'Brien, said in a statement that, he is "horrified and extremely disturbed by the news of civilians being killed by air strikes that hit a community hall in Sana'a." The community hall was hosting thousands of mourners taking part in a funeral ceremony at the time.

Initial reports indicate that over 140 people have been killed and over 500 injured.