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ADEN, Yemen - War planes of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, launched air strikes, aimed at the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, near Yemen's capital, Sanaa on Monday, mistakenly killing seven pro-government soldiers, a military official said.

In a case of apparent "friendly fire," the Saudi-led air strikes missed the Houthi rebels and mistakenly struck the forces allied with the internationally-backed government, in Nihm district, near the capital Sanaa.

The Saudi-led air strikes killed seven soldiers and injured 20 others, including high-ranking army officers, who were supervising the ongoing fighting against the Houthis in the area, the source said.

An army commander said, "One of the Saudi-led war planes fired a number of missiles, and accidentally hit and caused the lives of our ground forces for an unknown reason."

"This is a case of friendly fire. It was an accident but we demand the country's Presidency Office, to carry out an investigation," added the army commander, who preferred to remain anonymous.

A source close to the Yemeni government said, "Maybe the coordination was not properly done, so the Saudi-led air strikes targeted our own forces. We don't know yet what exactly happened."

The Saudi-led Arab coalition previously carried out similar air strikes and mistakenly killed dozens of soldiers from the forces loyal to Yemen's President, Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, in the southern provinces.


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