Saudi-led coalition, condemned on Saturday, a United Nations report, that list the Arab coalition in the blacklist of armed forces, that violate the rights of children in conflicts and wars.

The coalition spokesperson, Brigadier Ahmed Al Asiri, told Al Arabiya local news on Saturday that, the report contradicts with the UN's Yemen-related decisions.

"The main purpose of the coalition is to protect Yemenis, including children, from Houthi militias, through cooperation with international organisations," he said.

He accused that, the report sought information from the militias and not from the elected Yemeni government.

He asked the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund, where, the amount of 30 million dollars, that was donated by Saudi-based King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarian Works, was spent.

According to the UN report, released on Thursday, the coalition was responsible for 60 percent of child deaths and injuries last year.

It also highlighted that, the coalition carried out half of the attacks on schools and hospitals.

The coalition launched its air strikes since Mar, 2015, in support of the Yemeni elected government, against the Houthis.

Source: Nam News Network

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