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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia- The Saudi-led coalition, revealed on Monday, evidence of the Iranian role in trafficking weapons to Yemen, Al Arabiya local news, reported.

The coalition spokesperson, Turki al-Malki, said, an Iranian made missile, with Persian writing, was confiscated in Yemen, and a shipment of missiles from Iran were seized, before they were used by Houthi militias.

Malki made the remarks in a press conference, which also mentioned the circumstances of the interception of seven Yemeni rebel missiles, including one over the capital Riyadh, on Sunday night.

The attack also targeted border cities of Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jazan.

The spokesperson accused Houthis of exploiting the Sanaa airport, as a military location, endangering humanitarian flights.

He also accused Iran of targeting Riyadh, with a population of eight million civilians, while its missile targeted Mecca and border cities before.

Saudi Arabia and other coalition members have been accusing Iran of backing instability in Yemen.

The coalition completed this week, the third year of war in Yemen, without any sign of ending, while its air strikes and conflicts between armed groups had catastrophic impacts on civilians in Yemen.


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