SANAA, The forces of US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition during the last 24 hours intensively continued their violation for the cease-fire agreement, a security official told Saba.

The official said that the mercenaries fired their heavy weapons at Mobile roads-cross, Miry villas, areas west of city Max, Itihad, Qima hotels, Matar school, Dhabaiany headquarter, toward Kulia and Khamseen line, Hodeidah city.

31 shells were fired by the mercenaries at 7 July area, while their artillery and their machine guns were fired at separate areas in the region.

They shelled several areas in Khaseen street.

50 shells were shelled by them toward Faza, Tuhayta in coincidence with enemy's artillery shelling supported and intensive hovering of the air forces of the coalition on the area.

In Durihimy district, the mercenaries shelled Shajan area and fired seven shells on areas east and south of Kouaay.

They sweeping areas in Mahal Sheikh using their heavy weapons.

They set fire in a citizen's house using their machine guns which shelled at areas west of Durihimy while the enemy spy planes were hovering there.

Hays was bombarded by the machine guns of the mercenaries, he said.

The force of rocketry and artillery of mercenaries shelled populated areas in Mounabih and Razih in Saada while the combat jets of the US-backed aggression coalition launched three air srikes on Bakim district, he affirmed.

An air raid hit Hajjah, one targeted Madrasa Sawda, two Bany Shahr, three Abeesa and four hit Qarryat.

Another air raid hit Majaza, west of Asir, he affirmed.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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