RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Saudi-led coalition, announced on Friday, that, its military operations in Yemen will continue, until all Yemeni's territories come under the power of the elected government, Nabdh Al Hadath online local news reported.

The Spokesperson of the coalition, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al Asiri, said that, the Yemeni port of Hodeidah had been transformed to a military base by Houthi militias, adding, this is a risk to international navigation.

He said that, the coalition has sought the assistance of the United Nations, to supervise the flow of humanitarian aid through the port.

He said that, such issue should be tackled, as the main humanitarian aid comes to Yemen through this port, while 10 percent of the international trade passes through the Red Sea.

The spokesperson said, since the war started two years ago, dozens of civilians have died in Saudi border cities, by missile attacks by the Houthis, while many are living very devastating lives, because of lack of food, medicine and other necessities.


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