ADEN, Yemen, Warplanes of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, launched air strikes against positions controlled by the Houthi rebels, in the country's southern province of Dhalea, on Friday.

A number of air strikes by the coalition, targeted positions of the Houthi rebels in Hajar, in the north-western part of Dhalea province, a local official said.

He said that the air strikes were launched to prevent the Houthi fighters from advancing towards military sites of the pro-government forces in the area.

The pro-government Yemeni forces managed to make on-ground advancement and expel the Houthi rebels out from several villages located in Dhalea.

In Apr, the Iranian-allied Houthi fighters launched a series of intense armed attacks on the positions of the government forces and succeeded in seizing the district of Al Husha, west of Dhalea.

The areas in the north and west of Dhalea, 138 km north of Aden, have been witnessing fighting between government forces and Houthi fighters for about four years.

Source: NAM News Network

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