Saudi Military Reinforcements Arrive In Yemen’s Aden

ADEN, Heavy military reinforcements of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, arrived in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, on Sunday.

The Aden-based official, said, Additional Saudi troops arrived, as a new military reinforcement, to secure state institutions and the presidential palace in Aden.

He said that the Saudi forces, backed by tanks and modern military vehicles, arrived at the oil port in Buraigah district, in Aden's western part.

Around 45 military vehicles with many soldiers were deployed around the international airport of Aden and around other key state institutions, including the presidential palace, he added.

A Yemeni military source said that, Saudi Arabia recently took command of the coalition forces in Aden, and started deployment of its military units in the neighbouring provinces.

The source said, Yemen's President, Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, might return to Aden in upcoming weeks, to implement the Riyadh deal and start consultations, to form a new technocrat government.

Earlier in the day, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its forces have been re-positioned in Aden.

The move was made to coordinate military and security operation plans and enhance humanitarian and relief action in Yemen, the coalition said.

The move will also strengthen the efforts to secure waterways, adjacent to Yemeni coastlines, the statement added.

Source: Nam News Network