RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, The Saudi cabinet expressed hope that the revolution in Yemen, would end the power of Houthi militias, Al Arabiya local news reported.

“The uprising of the Yemeni people, against the Houthi-backed sectarian militias supported by Iran, will rid Yemen of the abuse, death threats and the appropriation of public and private properties,” Awad bin Saleh Al-Awad, Saudi minister of Culture and Information, said, in a statement.

“Saudi Arabia reiterates its constant concern for the stability of Yemen, and its return to its Arab embrace,” he added.

The Saudi cabinet also welcomed a joint statement, issued by a recently-held international meeting, on the Yemeni crisis in London.

The statement affirmed the full support for Saudi Arabia, in its legitimate defence, against threats to its security and stability.

The statement also said, the firing of ballistic missiles by the Houthis, towards Saudi Arabia, constitutes a threat to regional security and prolongs the conflict.



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