SANAA, Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Bin Badr al-Deen al-Houthi on Sunday delivered a televised speech during the extended gathering of the tribes and sages of Yemen for the year 2019.

He said "I salute you and greet all the free and loyal people in this country, all the noble and steadfast tribes that their positions, words, martyrs, sacrifices and sacrifices have reflected the true principles of faith and wisdom enjoyed by our people."

At the beginning of his speech, he referred to the conspiracies of the scandalous Warsaw conference, which was attended by some of the delegates and officials of some Arab regimes and Arab governments.

He said that meeting also included traitors and mercenaries who betrayed our people Yemen and participated with foreign US-backed invaders and enemies in their aggression against this country.

In this context, He pointed out that the reason for the hostility toward the Yemeni people is due to their rejection to adopt that shameful stance adding that they took their co-operator and traitor and put him beside Netanyahu so that our people adopt this position.

He said that we are concerned with the fortification of our internal arena, and that we act and move in all that will strengthen the steadfastness in dealing with the unjust, criminal and brutal aggression launched by the enemies.

"Israel is a partner in this aggression against our people through its recognition and their attitude is clear to be against the Yemeni people, and the Israeli media have revealed the nature of partnership in this aggression," he said.

"We today as tribes have an honorable, great and fundamental position in the steadfastness of this country and in the cohesion of this people concerned with everything that would strengthen the steadfastness and fortify the internal situation, he said, adding " The tribal honor document is aimed at fortifying the internal arena and giving the tribe its proper role, great sacrifice and honorable attitude."

He said in the end, "We hope, God willing, to continue the paragraphs and participation in this expanded meeting to reach to required outputs, God willing, and so this expanded meeting a strong starting point to fortify the internal arena."

Source: Yemen News Agency

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