SCMCHA Secretary-General discusses with EU ambassador issues related to humanitarian work in Yemen

Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Ibrahim al-Hamli discussed on Monday virtually with ambassador of the European Union to Yemen Gabriel Munuera issues related to humanitarian work in Yemen.

The meeting touched on a number of topics related to the humanitarian situation and mechanisms for providing aid in accordance with humanitarian standards and according to the priorities of the actual need in the field.

SCMCHA Secretary-General called on the ambassador of the EU to visit Yemen to see the human suffering and the destruction left by the aggression in infrastructure and facilities in all sectors to know the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe and the needs of the Yemeni people.

He praised the efforts made by the EU in the humanitarian field to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, stressing the importance of coordination with the Council of Humanitarian affairs and discussing problems first-hand to find appropriate solutions to achieve the benefit of providing aid and alleviating the amount of human suffering caused by the aggression.

Al-Hamli stressed the need to avoid some shortcomings, focus on projects in serving the beneficiaries, and reduce the high operational budget spent at the expense of the beneficiaries in the field.

He pointed out the importance of working according to the need plan submitted by the Supreme Council according to the priorities of the authorities, supporting the health, education and water sectors, and advancing the humanitarian situation.

He pointed to the importance of returning and disbursing aid on a continuous basis to alleviate human suffering and reduce slipping towards dangerous stages, stressing the importance of shifting to the stage of implementing sustainable service and development projects that would advance the humanitarian and economic conditions in Yemen.

Al-Hamli also called on the EU ambassador to reopen their office in Sana'a to facilitate the coordination process in all aspects, especially humanitarian ones.

He explained that the SCMCHA is working hard to facilitate the work of organizations and humanitarian partners in Yemen in accordance with humanitarian work standards and in line with the laws, principles and values of society in Yemen and provides real services to the beneficiaries.

He stressed the SCMCHA's endeavor to expedite the signing of agreements and to proceed with the implementation of projects that serve humanitarian work in Yemen.

For his part, Munuera praised the positive efforts made by the SCMCHA to facilitate the work of organizations operating in Yemen, stressing the importance of communication and joint coordination.

He expressed the Union's aspiration to achieve further progress in assisting the Yemeni people and alleviating their suffering in coordination with the SCMCHA in accordance with humanitarian standards and obligations.

Source: Yemen News Agency