Scores of Saudi-paid mercenaries killed, wounded in Jawf: Army Spokesman

SANAA, Yemen's army spokesman said in a statement that scores of the Saudi-led aggression coalition mercenaries were killed and wounded when the army and popular forces repulsed on Thursdays a large attack towards Jawf province, .

The spokesman Yahay Saria affirmed supported the Yemeni army in targeting the enemy reinforcements accurately with a ballistic missile ,Qassem, which led to inflict the mercenaries heavy causalities.

Saria added that the mercenaries 'attack, which was backed by 30 air strikes, did not achieve any advance towards sites of the Yemeni army in the province.

Brigadier General Saria said that more than five attack and infiltrations attempts carried out by the mercenaries were confronted and broke by the Yemeni army in several the battle fronts, in spite of the heavy air cover by the coalition fighter jets to support its mercenaries on the ground.

Source: Yemen News Agency