ADEN, Yemen, Heavy security forces, backed by armoured vehicles, have been deployed on Saturday, across Yemen's southern port city of Aden, following armed confrontations with unknown gunmen.

A source close to Aden's police chief, said, "The security forces, supported by the Saudi-led coalition, successfully aborted a plan, aimed at creating chaos and instability in the city."

He said that unknown terrorist elements tried to storm Aden's security headquarters, in khorMaksar district, sparking brief armed confrontations in the area.

Security troops were deployed around key government institutions, and managed to arrest those terrorist elements, shortly after the clashes, according to source.

Residents in Aden confirmed that, war planes of the Saudi-led coalition, kept hovering over the city's airspace for a short period, following the armed confrontations.

On Thursday evening, a well-trained brigade of the Saudi armed forces arrived in Aden, for the purpose of securing the city's seaport, the oil refinery and the presidential compound.

The southern port city of Aden is the headquarters of Yemen's internationally-backed President, Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government.

Yemen has been suffering from a civil war and a Saudi-led military intervention for around two years. The civil war began after the Houthi militants, with support from forces loyal to the former president, ousted the UN-backed transitional government and occupied the capital, Sanaa, militarily in Sept, 2014.

The legitimate government controls the south and some eastern parts, while the Houthi-Saleh alliance controls the other parts, including the capital, Sanaa.


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