SANAA, The security services confirmed that they would continue to publish a series of confessions of traitors belonging to the cells of aggression.

In continuation of the responsibility of the security agencies to spread awareness among the people about the dangers that the countries of aggression are working on from targeting the unity and security of society in all areas which was previously announced in the major security operation, "thwarting their actions" , a security official told Saba.

The source pointed out that the facts were the field work in which these cells were active and the objectives they sought to achieve through their involvement in the treason project managed by the enemy intelligence services, which were previously disclosed in order to serve the American-Zionist project in the region after their inability in their military actions Hostility against our country.

The security services called on all those named in the confessions to speed up the initiative to surrender to the security services before they are brought to justice. Confirming their monitoring the seriousness of their criminal activities and taking legal action against them.

They also confirmed that those who initiated and provided information to help uncover acts of sabotage would enjoy the legal exemptions provided for in article 130 of the Crimes and Penalties Act.

The source said, "The security services also want to clarify about the mistake that happened from the identification of traitors on the image published of the accused fugitive Saiid Nasser Aushan during the collection phase of the inferences, which was one of his relatives named Saleh Ali Mohammed Saleh Meiqan "dead" so the security services apologize for this error "To the family of the owner of the previously published photo, the image of the traitor Saiid Nasser Aushan, who is fleeing justice, is published."

Source: Yemen News Agency

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