Senior military official meets UNMHA Deputy Head

SANA’A, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Ali al-Mosheki met here on Sunday with Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission to Support Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA) Daniela Crosslake.

In the meeting, al-Mosheki said that intelligence confirmed the movement of militants of terrorist groups from the central province of Bayda to the western coast of Hodeida, warning such move would issue a serious threat to international navigation routes.

Al-Mosheki, also Head of the national redeployment team in Hodeida province, affirmed the army and popular committees’ commitment to apply the ceasefire truce in Hodeida despite the continues violations committed by the aggression forces.

He said that the United Nations needs to carry out its role and force the aggression countries to stop violations in Hodeida, stressing the need to release the oil tankers that are being held by the aggression countries in the Red Sea.

On her part, Ms. Crosslake thanked the efforts of national redeployment team in implementing the ceasefire truce, hailing the positive continuous cooperation in applying the truce’s items on the ground.

Source: Yemen News Agency