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The technical report, by the now-redundant engineer Amin Al-Samawi, an engineer in the Ministry of Youth & Sports assigned to supervise the Gulf 20 facilities, has proved to be unquestionably true that there are flaws in some Gulf 20 facilities, among which is Shamsan Club Stadium in regard to the areas of the grandstands.

This report had cost Al-Samawi to be laid off from his job supervising the facilities by order of some contractor firms, which considered his demands and technical reports as blackmailing them and hindering them from working.

The construction flaws were confirmed by the chairman of the Shamsan Club, which is one of the six training clubs for the Gulf clubs participating in Gulf 20, who said that the process of installation of the seats was crippled due to the narrowness of the grandstands areas.

National Yemen newspaper has abstained from publishing some of the flaws of Gulf 20 facilities due to lack of the required documents from Engineer Al-Samawi, which will be published in upcoming issues if these documents were provided.

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