Shura blesses armed forces’ operation at Al-Dhaba port to prevent looting Yemeni oil

The Shura Council on Wednesday blessed the success of the armed forces’ operation in preventing an oil ship belonging to the aggression coalition from looting Yemeni crude oil through the oil port of Al-Dhaba in Hadramout province.
The Council praised, in a statement, the high vigilance of the Yemeni armed forces and their capabilities in protecting the sovereign oil wealth of the country and stopping the coalition forces and their mercenaries from tampering with it.
In the statement, the Council considered that what was looted from the value of Yemeni oil, which amounted to 14 billion dollars and went to the accounts of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, was sufficient to cover the employees’ salaries that have been discontinued for more than seven years.
The statement confirmed the council’s support for all the options taken by the Yemeni armed forces to protect the national wealth from tampering so that its revenues return to serve the Yemenis and cover the employees’ salaries in all Yemeni regions.

Source: Yemen News Agency