Shura Council condemns coalition bombing on citizen’s home in Hajjah

SANAA, The Shura Council on Monday condemned the continual horrific massacres committed by Saudi-led aggression coalition for the sixth year in a row, and the latest of which was the bombing of a citizen’s house in Washha district of Hajjah province, which killed ten children and women.
The Council considered, in a statement, that “the continuation of the aggression coalition led by Saudi regime in shedding the blood of the sons of Yemen reflects its bankruptcy and brutality and its dispossession of all values.”
It is a precedent that is a disgrace to humanity, and contempt for all international conventions, the Council added.
In its statement, the Shura Council held the United Nations, the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the international community responsible for consequences of their shameful silence and their tolerance towards the targeting of civilians, which is considered an encouragement for further daily war crimes, and a cover for the continuation of the aggression coalition in killing the Yemeni people and destroying their capabilities.
The statement called on local and international organizations to assume their responsibilities in monitoring, highlighting and documenting the daily ugly massacres and crimes committed by the aggression coalition against civilians.

Source: Yemen News Agency