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SANAA, The Shura Council on Friday condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist massacre perpetrated by extremist elements against worshipers in two mosques in New Zealand today as they perform Friday prayers and left dozens of martyrs and wounded.

In a statement issued by the Shura Council, the Council blamed the West, represented by some of its intellectual, religious and political figures, and its media and cultural channels, which reflect the ideology of hatred against Islam and served to defame hatred against Muslims and to distort the tolerant image of Islam.

He considered this carnage to reveal a dangerous and flawed manifestation in the Western political and cultural discourse based on the consolidation of domination, which is disguised behind slogans like : protecting democracy and human rights to control the wealth, capabilities and decision of the Arab and Islamic nations.

It pointed out that this carnage requires, in addition to the daily massacres committed by the Zionist occupation against the Palestinians, the awakening of the Islamic identity and conscience, which begins to end the division and overcome the factors of disagreement.

The Shura Council called upon the international community, the United Nations, the Association of Senates and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World and international human rights organizations to condemn the massacre, including demanding accountability for the crime against the Muslim community in New Zealand.

The statement pointed out that the crime reflects the seriousness of the reactionary mentality of some Western intellectual elites based on the abolition of the other.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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