Signing requirements document for integrated automated tax system of Tax Authority

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Caretaker Government for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance, Dr. Rashid Abu Lahoum, and the Head of the Tax Authority, Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed, signed on Tuesday the document of requirements for the integrated automated tax system. During the signing, Dr. Abu Lahoum pointed out that the document came after the issuance of a set of decisions for all services provided with the aim of reducing the number of procedures and operations for one service. He stressed the keenness on the safety of the legal reference to provide such services. He pointed out that the Authority did not reduce legal procedures, but rather harmonized tax procedures and reduced the number of operations while adhering to legal texts. He considered the document one of the best documents and decisions made in state institutions as it is objective and takes into account everyone, whether the taxpayer or the tax authority and the state, and it was built according to methodological frameworks and took into acc ount a number of experiences in this field. For his part, the head of the Tax Authority indicated that the document was prepared by more than a hundred technical and technical experts. He pointed out that the efforts made culminated in the production of a model requirements document in accordance with international standards and benefiting from the best international practices in this field. He stressed that this document will be the basis for the development of the new integrated automated tax system, which will be more sophisticated and more comprehensive for various technical, auxiliary and technical tax functions, which is the juice of experience and expertise in tax work spanning more than fifty years. The document aims to develop and raise the efficiency of the tax system and improve the enabling environment for business performance and standard indicators of tax performance in accordance with international standards. Source: Yemen News Agency