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ADEN, Yemen, Six inmates were killed on Sunday, in a Saudi-led air strike at a Houthi-controlled prison, in Yemen's south-eastern province of Shabwa, a tribal official said.

The fighter jets had been hovering for several hours over the airspace of Shabwa, before striking a central prison, controlled by the Houthis in Bayhan district, the source said.

The air strikes, targeting Houthi fighters in the area, left six inmates killed and a number of others injured, the source said.

He added that, the Saudi-led coalition forces also bombed the headquarters of the civilian administration in a nearby area, where dozens of Houthi fighters were gathering.

However, the Defence Ministry of the Yemeni government has denied hitting the central prison in Shabwa, in a statement posted on its official website.

The statement said, several Houthi fighters, including high-ranking commanders were killed in the air strikes that struck the civilian administration building.

The Yemeni government, allied with a Saudi-led Arab military coalition, has been battling the Iran-backed Shiite Houthi rebels for years, for the control of the country.

In Mar, 2015, a Saudi-led Arab military coalition imposed an air and sea blockade, to prevent weapons from reaching the Houthis, who invaded the capital, Sanaa, and seized most of Yemen's northern provinces.


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