Socialist Party: National Dialogue Conference lacks smart preparation

National Yemen

Dr. Yaseen Saeed Nu’maan

By NY Staff

The Socialist Party criticized the lack of preparation for the upcoming National Dialogue Conference.

“The preparations for this National Dialogue are slow-moving and are not at the level they need to be to ensure a successful political settlement,” the party said in a statement.

They called on the conference to move beyond addressing the 20 points President Hadi outlined. Tangible action needs to be taken, they said, particularly in regards to southern grievances resulting from the 1994 civil war.

Members said the 20 points must be relevant and inclusive in order for the conference to be effective.

The implementation of these 20 points will demonstrate that the southern issue is a priority in the National Dialogue. The conference must demonstrate that it can effectively and responsibly apply solutions in a framework that maintains unity.

The party said that the south should have an equal opportunity to determine the political future of the country within the framework of a civil, democratic and united Yemeni state.

According to the party, the terms of unity in 1990 led to disastrous mistakes, resulting in the civil war in 1994. Instead of an equal partnership between northern and southern voices in one united Yemen, the North dominated social, economic and political power with former President Ali Abdullah Saleh marginalizing southerners, the party said.

The 20 points are the result of merging 12 points raised by the socialists about the southern issue and eight other points raised about Sa’ada and other national issues. These points have all been confirmed by the preparation committee for the National Dialogue Conference.