Socialists bloc: the American decision is part of the aggression against Yemen

SANA’A, Socialists bloc against aggression considered the decision of the outgoing US President’s administration to designate Ansarullah as a terrorist organization a part of the ongoing aggression against Yemen.

In a statement, the bloc said the aggressive American decision is a means to destroy and occupy the countries and peoples of the world and target the revolutionary forces in Yemen that reject American hegemony and foreign tutelage as well as stand against projects of normalization with the Zionist entity.

The statement noted that the decision is a sign of the degree of US bankruptcy and evidence that Washington has other projects and objectives of a brutal nature seek to implement in the region, particularly Yemen.

It called on the Arab and Islamic nation to condemn the resolution, which carries deep American projects that suggest its thirst for continued targeting of Yemen, stressing full solidarity with Ansarullah movement and standing with its leadership.

Source: Yemen News Agency