Southern Movement component calls for support of Palestinian right

SANA’A, May 12(Saba) – The Southern Movement component participating in the National Dialogue Conference Agreement expressed has its full solidarity with the Palestinian people and and their sacrifices in defense of the dignity of the Islamic nation and its sanctities against the Zionist occupation.
In a statement, the component called on the peoples, national and living forces in the Arab and Islamic world and the world’s free people to work in order to stop the violations of the Zionist enemy and stand by the Palestinian right.
The statement indicated the usurper Zionist entity was unable to penetrate the free peoples that adhere to the Palestinian cause as a crucial and fateful issue, and therefore it intended to install complicit regimes and rulers to suppress the will of the people and their right, even if they express their anger and their principled and firm stances towards the mother cause of the Islamic nation, “the Palestinian cause.”
It affirmed the legitimacy of the Palestinian people to confront the Zionist occupation by all means, congratulating the Palestinian resistance in targeting the Zionist enemy

Source: Yemen News Agency