September 27, 2021

Southern Movement followers tear down Al-Ahmar photo in Aden

National Yemen

Southern Movement followers attend a meeting in Aden’s Crater district. (Photo by Luke Somers)

By NY Staff

Southern Movement followers in Aden’s Khour Maksar area have torn down a large photo of Sheikh Abdullah Bin-Hussein Al-Ahmar for the second time in less than a week. Sources have stated that even though clashes arose 10 days ago between policemen and protesters when the latter set the photo on fire, the Sabafone Company again raised the image.

In a related matter, former two-time South Yemen President Ali Nasser held a meeting with former ministers Ahmed Hussien and Salem Saleh on Thursday. The three called out for participation in what are called festivals of forgiveness and reconciliation on Sunday in Aden Governorate. The festivals will be held to mark the date, January 13, of Ali Nasser’s defeat amidst bloodshed.

The National Yemen received a press statement issued by the three figures in which they praised efforts to apply the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation in real life. They also stressed the importance of preparation for a ‘southern dialogue’ which would include all southern powers.