SPC member meets Foreign Minister

SANA’A, Supreme Political Council (SPC) Sultan al-Sama’ei has met with Foreign Affairs minister Hisham Sharaf.
In the meeting on Sunday, al-Sama’ei listened to the latest developments of the ministry’s activities related to its contacts with the permanent members of the UN Security Council.
The SPC member also listened to the periodic correspondence for a number of UN member states that expose the continuing military escalation of the Saudi-Emirati aggression against Yemen.
Sharaf briefed al-Sama’ei on the calm steps and continuous moves carried out by the UN envoy for Yemen in preparation for meetings and political consultations to achieve a political settlement and comprehensive peace.
Minister Sharaf emphasized that Sanaa’s position ”is completely clear” regarding steps to bring peace and achieve a political settlement.
Sharaf also stressed that Sana’a’s position asked for “ending the military aggression on Yemen and airstrikes, and open Sanaa airport for commercial and civil flights.
During the meeting, Minister Sharaf also touched on the various economic arrangements, foremost of which is the disbursement of state employees’ salaries, which has the necessary credit available through the proceeds of oil and gas exports during the past years and deposited in Saudi banks during that period.

Source: Yemen News Agency