Speaker of Shura Council sends message regarding developments in local & Arab events

The Chairman of the Shura Council, Muhammad Hussein Al-Aidarous, sent a message to the President of the Council of Advisors in the Kingdom of Morocco - the President of the Association of Senates, Shoora and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World (ASSECAA), Al-Na’am Mayara Athr, the Secretary General of the Association, Abdul Wasi’ Youssef, and the Assistant Secretary-Generals of the Association, Muhammad Al-Tayeb and Akwim Nkmjaya, the heads of the Senate, Shura and similar councils in Africa and the Arab world on the developments of recent events at the local and Arab levels.

It stated:

The Shura Council of the Republic of Yemen extends its thanks and appreciation to you for your efforts to enhance cooperation between Arab and African countries in various humanitarian fields, and to work to contribute to achieving security and peace in Africa and the Arab world.

And we commend your efforts to achieve the goals for which the Association was established, and your good offices that you exert through the various activities of the Association to enhance joint action between the Councils of the Association. From the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, Arabism and history, we address with all the values and ties of Arabism, Islam, common destiny, and brotherhood that unite us in one entity and spirit.

We would like to inform you of the latest developments in events and developments at the local and Arab levels, beginning our message to you by referring to the latest developments in the local situation, represented by the continuation of the aggression coalition for provocative actions and violations by drones and espionage on the western coast, and the targeting of defenseless citizens with artillery shelling on a daily basis in the border areas of Saada Governorate, which resulted in the fall of thousands of martyrs and wounded, including African immigrants, since January 2023 AD.

In addition, the coalition is still procrastinating in fulfilling its commitments with regard to lifting the siege on Sana’a International Airport and expanding its flights, adopting a policy of no war and no peace and delaying in adjudicating humanitarian files and the entitlements of the Yemeni people represented in the salaries of all state employees, which have been suspended for eight years.

Likewise, the Saudi regime deliberately humiliated the dignity of Yemeni citizens visiting and residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as happened to the citizen Marwa Al-Sabri, who visited the holy sites for the purpose of performing Umrah and sentenced her to one year in prison, and continued its policy of revenge against Yemeni expatriates and oppression and torture of their families by issuing a recent death sentence for a 16-year-old youth years and another 30 years in prison on malicious charges that are not based on facts or any established evidence, in addition to those who have previously been executed unjustly.

At the same time, the forces of aggression against Yemen, led by America, continue to violate Yemeni sovereignty, and this was embodied in the recent visit of the American ambassador, accompanied by the commander of the American Fifth Fleet, to Al-Mahra Province, in a blatant interference in Yemeni affairs and a violation of the sovereignty of a member state of the United Nations, which confirms beyond any doubt.

The suspicious American moves in the occupied eastern and southern provinces come within the framework of America's efforts to thwart peace efforts in Yemen and its desire to prolong the war, the siege and the suffering of the Yemenis, and impose its control and hegemony over the Yemeni wealth and expand the area of occupation and the flow of weapons of all kinds in the occupied southern and eastern provinces.

On the Arab level, there is no doubt that you are following what the occupying Zionist enemy regime committed in terms of blatant violation and violation of all international laws, norms and covenants by targeting Aleppo International Airport for the second time in six months, which resulted in the airport being out of service and hindered the arrival of humanitarian aid to the suffering Syrian Arab people who suffers from the scourge of siege and mass destruction as a result of the earthquake that recently hit several areas in northern Syria.

And the Zionist enemy continues its attacks on the defenseless Palestinian people by storming the Palestinian cities in the West Bank, the latest of which was the storming of the Jenin camp, which resulted in martyrs and injuries among the camp’s residents, and its use of military vehicles and live bullets against the residents and the demolition of homes in several areas in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and his endeavor by creating a new racist law to terrorize the rebellious Palestinian people, and discourage their free people from proceeding with the option of resistance, this time by legalizing executions against Palestinian prisoners, in a crime that amounts to war crimes and a flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions regarding prisoners and the rules of international humanitarian law and human rights.

We in the Shura Council of the capital of the Republic of Yemen, Sana'a, condemn in the strongest terms the criminal and provocative actions of the Saudi regime and its continuous violations on the western coast and the bombing of unarmed civilians in the Yemeni border areas, and its disdain for the dignity of visitors and residents of the Kingdom of Yemenis, and its continued intransigence in not fulfilling everything that achieves a just peace and the supervisor of Yemen, land and people.

We also condemn the suspicious movements of the US ambassador, accompanied by US military leaders, in the southern and eastern governorates, especially in Al-Mahrah, which reflect America's bad intentions in Yemen and reveal its colonial plans aimed at perpetuating the war in a way that facilitates the plundering of oil wealth at a time when the Yemeni people are suffering from the worst humanitarian disaster and economic crisis and it is deprived of benefiting from its oil wealth, which is being looted, and its revenues go to the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, and a few tools of aggression benefit from it.

We condemn the Zionist attacks on Aleppo International Airport, which reflects the ugly face of this enemy and reveals once again the worst forms of its barbarism and inhumanity and its practice of the most egregious violations of international humanitarian law and United Nations charters.

We strongly condemn the Zionist occupation forces' incursion into the Jenin camp in the West Bank, killing and injuring a number of Palestinians, in a flagrant violation that is an extension of the continuous and systematic crimes of the usurping enemy against the Palestinian people and a flagrant violation of international covenants and laws.

We denounce the shameful and disgraceful silence of the United Nations and the UN Security Council regarding all violations affecting the Yemeni people, the Syrian Arab people, and the Palestinian people, which confirms direct complicity with the forces of the coalition of aggression against Yemen and the Zionist enemy against Syria and Palestine, which are very similar in the scale of crimes, flagrant violations, bloodshed, and neglect of crimes. The brutality that America, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Israel tolerate without taking into account the sanctity of human beings or international laws and conventions, and exposes false allegations about establishing peace in Yemen and the region.

We also deplore the shameful international silence that encouraged the coalition and the Zionist enemy to proceed to commit more crimes in Yemen, Syria and Palestine, and the double silent positions and standards regarding the crimes committed by the Saudi and Zionist regimes, which are constantly condemned when it comes to the legitimate response to these crimes, and disappear when practicing brutal crimes and inhumane violations. One of the forces of aggression and occupation that directly and repeatedly targets all the necessities of life.

Accordingly, we invite you and the peoples of the free world to denounce the crimes of the Saudi aggression against Yemen and the crimes of the Zionist enemy, which has persisted in its crimes against the Syrian and Palestinian peoples as a result of the failure of the countries of normalization and loyalty to the occupying Zionist enemy by the regimes affiliated with the sons of the Arab and Islamic nation, and we call for the continuation of providing support and aid Humanity for the Syrian Arab people afflicted by the earthquake by all available means, and support for the Palestinian cause so that the Palestinian people can obtain their full rights and establish an independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

And we ask you, based on the stated goals of the League, to stand up to the violations of the Saudi and Zionist regimes and to put pressure in international forums on the United Nations and humanitarian and human rights organizations to break out of the circle of shameful and shameful silence regarding all the brutal crimes and the siege committed by the Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people and the Zionist enemy on Syria and Palestine as war crimes against Humanity does not statute of limitations.

We hope that your Excellency will call in international forums to condemn the crimes committed by the Saudi and Zionist regimes under the cover and blessing of the United States of America and global Zionism, which affect unarmed civilians, civilian objects and vital installations and contribute to the exacerbation of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, Syria and Palestine.

Finally, I take this opportunity to extend to your Excellency the highest verses of greetings and appreciation, and to your brotherly peoples continued progress and prosperity.

Source: Yemen News Agency