Specifications launches work on device to test remaining traces of pesticides in Hodeida

The Executive Director of the Yemeni Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control, Sam Al-Bashiri, inaugurated today,Tuesday, work at the authority's branch in Hodeida province, with a device to examine the residual effects of pesticides. During the inauguration, Al-Bashiri explained that the launch of this device comes within the framework of the Authority's efforts to modernize the devices for examining goods , merchandise and everything that enters the country and providing health, economic and environmental protection for the nation and citizens. He pointed out that the authority is working to speed up the completion of inspection operations and not to delay in showing the results to prevent any obstruction to the movement of goods flow , to double the efforts and pace of work in the inspection operations. The Executive Director of the Authority indicated that providing inspection devices in the branches aims to overcome the difficulties and solve the problems that merchants were suffer ing from, represented by taking product samples for examination at the General Office in Sana'a. He noted that the Authority, within its plan for the current year 1445 AH, will work to provide inspection and testing devices for foodstuffs in Hodeida branch, including two devices for examining food additives and assessing mineral elements in food products. The inauguration was attended by the Director General of the Authority's branch in the province, Engineer Khalil Al-Jawfi. Source: Yemen News Agency