September 25, 2021

Sports tournaments help foster understanding and team work among youth in Sana’a

By USAID Staff

Sana’a, April 8t

National Yemen

Al-Wahda B neighborhood Team won the female volleyball tournament conducted by USAID within a program

h – USAID, through its Community Livelihood project (CLP) distributed medals and cups for the winners of the sports tournaments as part of the Generation of Peace youth initiative.

The initiative that has been ongoing the past 3 months conducting activities in sports, arts, civic engagement workshops and a talent show is intended to help youth from different social and political backgrounds foster understanding and collaboration.

 “I am so happy to have participated in the games. Sports bring us together and help us understand each other,” said Amena Ba-Katheer, an 18 year-old member of Al-Wahda B neighborhood Team that won the female volleyball tournament.

340 boys and 80 girls within the age of 18 and 25 participated in the sports tournaments with eight teams participating in both volleyball and soccer.  Al-Tahreer neighborhood team won the volleyball game while the Old City of Sana’a Team won the soccer game.

Prior to the tournaments a two-day training course was held for the team coaches and the teams to help them “get into the team atmosphere again”, according to Nadia Ghorab, coach of Belqis School Team.

“It has been a while since the girls have played sports because of the situation in Yemen over the past year. The tournament refreshed them and made them ready for the coming games.”

“This is the first time that our team has a sports uniform. We used to play in a random way with our normal clothes but now we are more organized and we intend to organize more sporting events after this tournament ends,” said Mohammd Hujaira, 23, the captain of Old City of Sana’a neighborhood team.

“We thank everybody who helped organize such a tournament, as these games help bring youth together, even from diverse political backgrounds.”  This sporting event was a positive way to help bring youth throughout Sana’a together again after a year of conflict and Arab Spring uprisings.