State staff to get half of salary under President al-Mashat directives

SANAA, The Supreme Supervisory Committee for Correcting Imbalances in Payroll approved the payment of half of salary to the state employees as of Sunday, November 3, 2019, according to directives of President of the Supreme Political Council.

In its meeting in Sanaa, chaired by Advisor to President of the Supreme Political Council Hashim Ismail Ali in the presence of Finance Minister Sharaf al-Din Ali al-Kohlani and Minister of Civil Service and Insurance Edriss al-Shargabi, the committee affirmed that it would continue to take measures aimed at alleviating the suffering of disciplined employees.

The Committee instructed the ministries of finance and civil service to issue a circular to all public and mixed sector units to stop any renovations or additions to the wages and contractual salaries.

The Ministry of Civil Service was also tasked with forming an operating room and assigning a toll-free phone number to receive complaints from employees in various sectors of the state about cases of corruption, such as fictitious, double-functional names and other imbalances.

The Committee stressed the need for all state institutions to abide by its decisions, confirming that the violators of the instructions would be referred to the anti-corruption and judicial bodies on charges of harming the national economy and contributing to the continued suffering of employees.

Source: Yemen News Agency