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Ibb, A symposium entitled "Popular steadfastness against aggression and its impact on Sweden's consultations" was held in Ibb provicne Thursday.

The seminar was organized by the coalition of anti-aggression parties in the province, in the presence of the province Undersecretaries, namely Dr. Ashraf Al-Mutawakil, Qasim Al-Masawi and Ismail Sufyan.

During the symposium, Undersecretary Abdul Fattah Gulab stressed the importance of strengthening steadfastness in the face of aggression and accelerating the victory.

While the head of the coalition of parties against the aggression province Qassim al-Mousawa that the steadfastness of the sons of Yemen has imposed a new equation on the reality, as well as the remarkable attendance in the consultations of Sweden.

For his part, the head of branch of Haq "right" party in the province Ibrahim Al-Masawi said in the speech of the parties that the political parties against the aggression have contributed to strengthening the factors of social steadfastness and cohesion of the home front.

During the symposium, three papers were presented. The first paper dealt with the impact of the religious factor in enhancing the steadfastness of the people, presented by a member of the Association of Yemeni Scholars Taha Al-Hazzari, stressing that the Yemeni people faced aggression which should be deterred.

In the second working paper entitled "The steadfastness of the people and its manifestations ," the Vice President of the University of Ibb, Dr. Abdullah Al-Falahi reviewed the factors and manifestations that contributed to the strengthening of steadfastness, including the lies of the coalition of aggression and their failure to extend state authority in the occupied territories.

The third working paper, entitled "Outcome of Sweden's Consultations contain the declared and undeclared gains" presented by Shura Council member Tareq al-Mufti, reviewing the successes of the national delegation and the vision he had prepared in advance to participate in the consultations.

He also referred to the lack of credibility and transparency that the other side has had in terms of providing names of army and the popular forces' prisoners.

The symposium included interventions on the role of Yemeni women in promoting community resilience, presented by Nora Al-Saqqaf from the Women's Authority in Ibb together with activist and political writer Hamid Antar.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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