The Tax Authority (TA) on Thursday issued a statement on the decision of preventive detention issued by the Court of First Instance against the Yemeni Mobile Phone Company Sabafon.

In a statement obtained by Saba, the Authority said that the Department did not take this action on its own initiative but resorted to the judiciary in respect of the rule of law and its implementation. It also respected the directive of the judiciary before discontinuing the implementation of judicial rulings Years on the basis of the Supreme Court's decision although the provisions were finally.

The statement pointed out that the Yemeni mobile phone company (Sabafon), one of the tax authorities - like the rest of the taxpayers - obliged to perform or tax deduction to supply those taxes to the tax administration, in accordance with the provisions of the laws into force.

The statement pointed out that the company submitted tax returns for the months from 8/2018 till January 2019 to the competent tax administration for payroll and wages taxes on its employees, as well as the general sales tax on mobile and international tax services.

The Tax Authority confirmed that the company, when submitting the declarations for the said period, did not supply those amounts deducted and added by it to the tax administration at the same date of their legal submission and retained the state funds from the amounts received from those taxes, in violation of the provisions of Article (101) Income Tax No. (17) for the year 2010 and Article (30) of the General Sales Tax Law No. (19) for the year 2001 and its amendments, which provide for the payment of taxes after being counted on the same dates.

"Law No. (17) for the year 2010 on income taxes in Article 153 provides the right to the head of the tax authority to request the court to issue a decision to immediately seize the taxpayer's money," the statement added.

The statement also stressed that all the actions carried out by the Tax Authority in the face of taxpayers who evade the performance of the rights of the state are purely legal procedures without distinction between the taxpayers, whatever.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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