Taiz mass rally rejects American terrorism

TAIZ, The people of Taiz province carried out on Monday afternoon a mass rally rejecting the American terrorism against the Yemeni people.

Participants, who gathered in the streets of Maweyah district, chanted slogans condemning the American Zionist arrogance.

The Participants emphasized the US blockade and aggression against the Yemeni are terrorist crimes according to the international laws, adding ”America is the source, the root, and the maker of terrorism in the world.”

They noted the American terrorism will not subjugate the Yemeni people or deter them from continuing the battle of steadfastness for the sake of freedom, pride and dignity as well as the defense of the land and honor.

A statement issued by the mass rally, read by Majid al-Barakani, confirmed the crimes of aggression and siege on Yemen are an American decision as it was announced by Washington on March 26, 2015.

The statement pointed out that the American-made weapons kill children, women, and the elderly in markets and wedding halls, noting that America also provides the political support for the aggression to commit more crimes against Yemen.

It clarified al-Qaeda and ISIS are fighting in the ranks of the countries of aggression publicly in Bayda, Marib, Taiz, and other provinces.

The statement considered that the real terrorism is what America is doing in support of the aggression countries in practicing crimes and tightening the blockade on Yemen.

It praised the heroic epics of the heroes of the army and popular committees on various fronts and their huge sacrifices in the face of aggression.

Source: Yemen News Agency