Telecom Corp. denies reports of reduced internet prices

National Yemen

Minister of Telecommunication and IT Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar

BY NY Staff

Sadeq Mohammed Mosleh, General Manager of the Public Telecommunications Corporation (PTC), has denied the veracity of media reports that internet service prices would be dramatically reduced in the beginning of 2013.

Mosleh stated that the reports were not credible, as they hadn’t been stated by representatives of the PTC.

“Though we are still studying the possibility of this, we have not yet reached a final decision,” he said.

Mosleh also noted that he was visiting Hadhramout governorate to check on PTC projects which have resumed following suspensions of activity as a result of last year’s state of political crisis.

The projects include the introduction of phone booths in rural areas and the broadening of internet services.

In related news, representatives from the Public Telecommunications Corporation have stated that fiber optic cables in Shabwa governorate’s Al-Dal’a have been sabotaged only one day after they were fixed.

A representative of the corporation told the Saba News Agency that the last sabotage attack resulted in a slowing down of internet speeds and telecommunications services.

“This resulted in telecommunications being affected in Shabwa, Hadhramout and Aden,” he said.

He called on local authorities and security forces to increase security presences around the cables and to protect it as it provides services to all Yemenis.

Fiber optic cables have been subjected to 161 sabotage attacks so far in 2012, at a loss of around YR 2.5 billion.